Designed for small crews

Designed for small crews

The Parasailor was developed especially for small crews. It is very easy to handle and very well tempered. After all, what you want is a relaxed and drama-free atmosphere on board. Even more so when it's only your spouse and you.

Well tempered companion

The Parasailor is a very well tempered companion on your downwind courses. Unlike regular spinnakers, the Parasailor stands very stable and has no inclination to roll or collapse.

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No pole required

There are several ways of rigging the Parasailor. While it is perfectly fine to use the spinnaker pole just like with a regular spinnaker, it is definitely not necessary to do that. The spreading moment of the wing suffices to conveniently use the Parasailor without a pole.

Less load on the bow

The lift created by the Parasailor's wing significantly reduces the load on the bow, making it much easier to steer and control your boat.

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Works well on autopilot

Parasailor on autopilotWith almost no tendency to roll and great self-trimming characteristics, the Parasailor is ideal for use on autopilot.

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Highly durable

Each Parasailor is a highly durable product, engineered to last, made from only top quality materials, and hand-crafted with greatest accuracy.

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Good from 70° to 180° AWA

Two sails in one! The Parasailor works from 70° to 180° apparent wind angle (AWA), that is, its covers the domains of both symmetric and asymmetric spinnakers taken together.

Made to order - pick your color

Each Parasailor is made to order in ISTEC's own, Europe-based factory. That's why you are not bound to our standard color designs.

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Free training included

You don't have much experience in downwind sailing? Don't worry, your Parasailor dealer will happily help you get started. In fact, a free training session is included in the purchase price.

How the wing works

Wing Principle DiagramThe wing is the reason why the Parasailor is so well-mannered. Read on to learn how it works.

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"We shot through the Messina Strait with NW 25+kts flying the Parasailor"

"We set off from Tunisia one month ago to Sicily which we have practically circled clock­wise while spending a week in the off lying Egadi & Aeolian Islands. While we shot through the Messina Strait with NW 25+ kts flying the Parasailor I mentioned to Barbara the we should just stow the main­sail below as all we’ve used this voyage is the PS in mostly high off the wind sailing and are now convinced this sail is essential for a cruising cat for short or long voyages. It’s easy to set and drop and with it’s self tending abilities it’s also forgiving to wind shifts. We’ve had it sheeted in to 60 deg with 25 kts with no problem in the shifting winds thru the strait. The only problem we have is the carbon fiber cowl on the snuffer is to big to fit through our forward hatch so we have to bring it on deck to deploy. The sailbag has compression straps that squish the sail to compact it so it’s a one person job to carry. [...] Fair winds to all this summer!"

Rick & Barbara Heinen, FAR OUT