Two-stage control system

The Easysnuffer features a two-stage control system which, as you pull the line first tightens the upper part of the sock while leaving the lower part straight. This avoids the sail getting stuck in the sock and being pulled up with it.

Oval funnel - super light

Hoisting and lowering the sail is significantly facilitated by the Easysnuffer's super light funnel. Thanks to its oval shape the wind can easily push the funnel up as it fills the sail. The oval shape of the funnel is also beneficial for snuffing the sail. The funnel will nicely gather the sail in when pulling down on the line.

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Just on line to go up and down

Unlike many other recovery socks with two separate lines, the Easysnuffer is controlled by a single line. Inside, the Easysnuffer is regulated by two control lines, one on each side, each encased in channels sewn onto the sock. With this design, the control lines simply cannot tangle with the sail.

Furthermore, the channels are made of white cloth which contrasts nicely with the grey fabric of the sock and therefore is an optical guide helping you judge whether the sock is twisted or not.

Red and green marked shackles ensure safe storing

Once finished lowering it is a good idea to fix the clews into the shackles that are attached to the Easysnuffer's funnel - each one marked with a red or green strap, respectively. This minimises the risk of shackling in the wrong sheet next time you hoist the sail.

The red and green straps guide inexperienced crew members (in potentially hectic situations) to attach the clews into the correct shackles.

Note, when the clews are not fixed, the shackles disappear in their neoprene pockets so that they cannot interfere with the sail or any lines.

"Easy for me as a single-hander"

"The Easysnuffer made it easy for me as a single-hander to open or close the spinnaker with no "pop" or dramatic openings. It was always smooth and easy even in strong wind conditions."

Mike Harker, hang gliding pioneer and single handed circumnavigator, USA