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Are you planning to cross the Atlantic? If so, now is the right time to equip your yacht with the Parasailor for safe and comfortable downwind sailing.

Most of the approx. 2,700 nm route will be a downwind course in the trade winds. Therefore, you should pay great attention to choose a downwind sail that not only suits your yacht perfectly, but also suits the ability and the safety needs of your crew.

Pole out the Genoa? Go wing-on-wing? Fly an asymmetric or symmetric Spinnaker? Different crews rely on different choices of sails; however, over the past years no sail type has made a name for itself like the Parasailor.
Not only is this due to the Parasailors unique wing, but rather to its ease of use and great stability which brings the boat up to maximum speed in a totally relaxed manner.

A survey conducted amongst the ARC of the World Cruising Club participants by "Yachting World" magazine revealed that the Parasailor was the piece of equipment that most crews retrospectively wished they had bought for the crossing.


Discover the advantages of the Parasailor

Good from 70° to 180° AWA

The Parasailor works from 70° to 180° apparent wind angle (AWA) which more than covers the area of a spinnaker and a gennaker.

Therefore, the Parasailor saves money and amount of space onboard.





More comfort by less rolling

Due to the righting moment of the Parasailor wing and the streamline flow in the sail caused by the opening in the sail, the Parasailor stabilises itself. This significantly reduces the rolling of your vessel, which makes the stay onboard very much more comfortable and pleasant.

See a video which was taken by one of our happy customers




No pole required

There are several ways of rigging the Parasailor. Whilst it is perfectly fine to use the spinnaker pole as with a regular spinnaker, it is quite unnecessary. The spreading moment of the wing stiffens the Parasailor sufficiently eliminating the need for a pole.




Works well on autopilot

A match made in heaven: the Parasailor when on autopilot. It's great to see how well they go together. The Parasailor, on the one hand, with its great self-trimming characteristics, easily copes with the steering of the autopilot. Conversely, the autopilot doesn’t need to intervene much, as the Parasailor has little tendency to roll.


So it is not surprising that each year of the ARC fleet 30-40 yachts sail the Atlantic equipped with a Parasailor.

Do you want to cross the Atlantic quickly and comfortably?


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Customer video

Customer video

"I'd recommend the Parasailor to everyone"

"You're not at the sheet and guy the whole time, something that really suits a lazy crew. I often set the Parasailor without the pole and just use it like a normal asymmetric. I'd recommend the Parasailor to anyone thinking about buying a new spinnaker."

Jimmy Cornell, sailing pioneer and author, UK

"Never again without a Parasailor"

DHH Yachtschule Elba

Never again will I go across the Atlantic without a Parasailor. Everbody else overtook us while we hung behind with the genua."

Matthias Maybach, Managing Director of DHH Elba, ARC 2007 participant

"The Parasailor - a turbo for sailing yachts"

Bobby Schenk

"Finally an intelligent downwind sail for port to port sails with the Parasailor - a turbo for sailing yachts. You almost can't notice the Parasailor smoothing out the steering of the autopilot - perfect."

Bobby Schenk, sailing legend, circumnavigator and author, Germany